World’s Leading Supplier of Proven 3M
Anti-Tarnish and Anti-Corrosion Protection

Whitney Worldwide Inc. provides manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, platers and museums with proven 3M anti-tarnish and corrosion protection and time-saving silver care products. These items have been acclaimed by many leading business people and even in Consumer Reports magazine.

After acquiring this 3M business, we became the world's leading supplier of anti-tarnish protection for jewelry and music instrument manufacturers. We also help you protect and enhance various silver, copper and brass items.

Many electronics people count on us for proven corrosion and tarnish safeguards. We improve components' shipment, storage, soldering and connections.

We also have many other excellent 3M and auxiliary products for various niche markets. We help you assist and retain customers and add value to what you sell them.

Whitney Worldwide's cost-effective products and services have enabled us to survive and prosper during times when many others have failed.

In our 30 years in business we have learned how to better serve a diverse group of customers around the world by:

Whitney World

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